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Calculation of Value report prepared in 48 hours by a certified professional.  Call 920-225-6438


Buying or Selling a Business

Opportunity doesn't always wait for a conventional business valuation to be prepared. Sometimes you need the answer fast.   We will give you the information you need when you need it.

Estate Valuation

The valuation of a business interest included in an estate has many important tax implications, and is required by the IRS.  Learn how our valuation report can save an estate thousands in fees.

Gift of a Business Interest

The IRS requires a valuation report be attached to Form 709 Gift Tax Return upon which a gift of a business interest is reported.  Our business valuation report can help you timely file your gift tax return.


When a joint marital estate includes a private business interest, getting a calculation of value report early in the process can potentially save thousands in fees and weeks or months off the divorce process.

Subchapter S Corporation Election

When a corporation elects subchapter S status, a business valuation is required to establish the value of its assets.  Our business valuation report can make complying with this requirement quick and painless.

409a Valuation and Roll Over Business Start-Ups

Some business owners are choosing to reverse their Roll Over Business Start-up by purchasing their stock from their IRA. A business valuation is required, but it doesn't have to cost you thousands.

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Brian Murray CPA/ABV CVA

Brian Murray is accredited by the AICPA and the NACVA as an expert in business valuation, has served as an expert witness in court, has written several nationally published articles on the topic of business valuation, and has been writing business valuation reports for more than fifteen years.
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